Re: [vhdlsynth] Status of P1076.3 + call for discussion of WG options

From: David Barton <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 07:01:03 PDT

Alex and Peter, I would like to address a single point:

> Regarding the potential for new standards projects to come out of a
> summit: DASC certainly has procedures for dealing that. The process is
> form a Study Group to collect the requirements, ensure interest and
> resources exist to develop the new standard, and prepare the scope and
> purpose for a PAR. If I might borrow your stellar metaphor, a precedent is
> the galaxy of 1076.x standards that condensed from the 1076 nebula.

I would like to suggest (and I emphasize that it is only a suggestion) that
it may be too soon for a standard to come out of the numeric work as yet. A
preliminary step might be for a workshop to get together and discuss the
various numeric formats, the needs of industry, and how these might be
melded, with a study group to follow out of such a workshop. The formation
of a study group is not necessarily the first step; a workshop, or even two
or three, may be the first steps to explore the technical issues involved.
I can certainly offer the auspices of the DATC under which such workshops
may be held (and they can be co-located with the DASC meetings if that is
convenient; it simply avoids the standards bucket for a bit).

If this is desired, by all means let me know. Alex, if you want to form a
study group instead, and if this is agreeable to the DASC, then by all means
go that route. The point is, the mechanism should serve *us*; we should not
get wrapped around the axle with the mechanism. I have been getting the
feeling, with some of the discussions lately, that we have been missing that
point. The procedures are there to help us, not hinder.

Dave Barton
DATC Chair-Elect
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